What is the most efficient way of getting visibility for your company’s products, services and innovations? What are the best tools to make your brand and its news shine bright – also outside the company’s own web page? What is the relevance of a well-written press release? And what is the key to getting journalistic publicity for your news in the written press, on the radio, on television, or on a media website?

In other words: how to achieve earned media?

The answer could be summarized into the following four aspects:

  • The right news angle
  • A professionally and concisely written press release
  • Utilizing and optimizing the use of a high-quality distribution tool
  • Proactively contacting the media, pitching the news to carefully selected journalists

Journalistic coverage is often also referred to as earned media. It means publicity that has been achieved through a third party, a journalist. Earned press coverage is the most important target of publicity work, of media relations. Organic press coverage is one of the most effective ways to gain more attention to your business in the public eye, and it also helps establish a solid brand image. It is a powerful way of distinguishing your brand from competition and getting the word out. Even a single journalistic article can have a bigger impact on brand building than several marketing operations together.

Earned media is nearly always more credible and more cost-efficient than any form of paid advertising. A professionally written press release and its right distribution are key elements in achieving press coverage. The precise targeting and pitching of the news to the journalists is one of the key elements of getting things right in public relations.

So, how can we help your company succeed in media relations?

We are here to help you getting your news out – to the right media outlets and with the right timing. With a hit rate of more than 90%, we’ll take care of all your media relations: planning, executing and following up on the results. We have recently achieved press coverage for our clients’ news in Yahoo News as well as in the most prominent Finnish media outlets, such as Kauppalehti, Taloussanomat, Yle Uutiset, Hufvudstadsbladet, Ylen Aamu, Uutisaamu (MTV), Iltalehti, Tekniikka & Talous, Tietoviikko as well as in the finance sections of Helsingin Sanomat. This has been done via fine-tuned press releases and their targeted distribution, as well as proactively pitching the content to the journalists. In terms of press relations, we mainly operate on the Finnish, Scandinavian and European markets, but also have good connections to the US press. We equally support Finnish companies going global as international corporations aiming at a successful market-entry to Finland.

We are here for you whenever your company and your brand need earned media on a local, national or international level – on existing ground or when entering new markets. We help you reach the media in all its forms: the written press such as newspapers and magazines, radio, television and digital media. As a full-service communication and PR agency, we take care of all media enquiries, interview requests, interview arrangements and press photo matters for you, and whenever needed, also provide consultation – so that your company gets the best possible benefit from the public appearances.

Vetter Communications is a Finland-based communication & PR agency with worldwide service. We provide all-inclusive communication services in English, Finnish, Swedish, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian.

Let us help you reach high-profile press coverage! Drop us a message!